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Your Guide to Collagen Stimulating Injections

For individuals seeking a gentle and natural method to boost volume, regenerative biostimulatory treatments may be a solution. As we age, our collagen levels decrease by about 10% each decade starting in our 20s. This reduction leads to more wrinkles, diminished skin quality, and decreased volume.

Through the use of regenerative biostimulatory treatments, this therapy effectively triggers and supports the natural production of collagen in your skin, resulting in a gradual rebuilding process. This leads to a more voluminous appearance, diminished wrinkles and folds, as well as enhanced skin texture and flexibility. Moreover, the rejuvenating effects of increased collagen, elastin and tissue proteins levels may bestow upon you a radiant and youthful complexion as the treatment progresses.

What is the Purpose of Regenerative Biostimulatory Treatments?

Facial ageing, often characterised by volume loss leading to a drooping effect on the face, can significantly contribute to a weary and melancholic appearance. For those seeking to address this issue, regenerative biostimulatory treatments present themselves as a viable solution. 

Someone may seek this treatment with the following concerns:

  • Volume loss in the face
  • Skin appearance/quality
  • Overall facial shape

Collagen stimulating injections possibly offer an array of benefits such as:

  • Revitalising skin’s elasticity and fullness
  • Subtle volumization. 
  • May provide natural-looking results 
  • Improve skin texture for a radiant glow
  • Invoke a youthful a look

This treatment is also a suitable option to try for a structural enhancement with collagen before an immediate treatment using volumising/contouring treatments. Patience is key in this process as it aims to target volume loss in the face, enhance skin quality, and refine overall facial contours effectively.

How do Regenerative Biostimulatory Treatments for the Face work?

The procedure for Regenerative Biostimulatory Treatments for the Face involves a detailed consultation and screening for contraindications by a medical professional such as Eleventh Heaven.

If you have a history of cold sores, cold sore tablets will be provided. Before the procedure, an antiseptic wash is done followed by topical anaesthesia lasting 10-15 minutes. The face is then disinfected with Chlorhexidine and Ethanol. Anaesthesia is confirmed by gently touching the needle to the numbed area. A fine needle or cannula is used once satisfactory anaesthesia is ensured. Your tolerance and progress are closely monitored during the procedure, with potential application of disinfection and pressure massage.

How much Regenerative Biostimulatory Treatments are injected?

The clinical dosage of Regenerative Biostimulatory Treatments is determined based on factors such as volume loss, facial anatomy, surface area, and desired aesthetic outcomes. Size may vary depending on individual factors like volume loss, skin quality, and lifestyle. The main goal of using a collagen biostimulator is to enhance your structures using your own collagen.

This treatment aims to rejuvenate and restructure larger areas of the face, with results lasting up to two years or more for many individuals. However, annual touch-ups are highly recommended for optimal results in maintaining youthfulness in appearance.

Are Regenerative Biostimulatory Treatments Painful for the Face?

While pain thresholds may vary, typically collagen injections to the face are not painful because of the use of  topical anaesthesia to alleviate any discomfort. 

The treatment product also contains local anaesthetic to minimise any potential discomfort. At Eleventh Heaven, Dr Ricky typically uses a dermal filling cannula for injection, ensuring a smooth and even distribution of the biostimulator with minimal tissue trauma. 

This method allows for treating large areas through just one entry point, reducing side effects like swelling and bruising. Following the procedure, swelling may occur and is common within the first 48 hours; however, any residual swelling or bruises after 24 hours can typically be easily concealed with makeup.

The choice of biostimulator product in Australia is based on clinical assessment criteria, although specific brand names cannot be disclosed due to regulations on prescription-only medicines. It’s important to be cautious of counterfeit products due to illegal importation into Australia. 

Understanding the Risks of Regenerative Biostimulatory Treatments for Facial Treatment

Like any medical treatment, there is a chance of experiencing side effects or complications when receiving Regenerative Biostimulatory Treatments to the face. These effects are typically mild and temporary in nature. 

Common issues include swelling, bruising, slight asymmetry, and the potential need for additional treatment with the product. 

Less frequent complications may include delayed allergic reactions, granulomas, or infections. 

Extremely rare but serious risks involve vascular occlusion leading to skin necrosis and possible scarring if not promptly addressed, as well as the remote possibility of blindness. It’s important to be aware of these potential outcomes before undergoing this procedure.

Are Regenerative Biostimulatory Treatments for the Face worth it?

In conclusion, the use of Regenerative Biostimulatory Treatments for the face involves careful consideration of various factors to achieve optimal results.

From personal style to long-term effects, every aspect is taken into account to enhance overall beauty. With a focus on planning and ensuring longevity, these treatments aim to provide lasting benefits for months and years to come. 

By prioritising thoughtful design and precision, we strive to create natural-looking and harmonious enhancements that reflect your unique personality. If you’re wanting to learn more about Regenerative Biostimulatory Treatments, book a consultation call with Eleventh Heaven to find out more.