Forehead Recontouring/Rejuvenation – Injectable Profiloplasty


The forehead is a very commonly treated area with wrinkle treatment but very neglected and undertreated when it comes to recontouring, rejuvenation and revolumisation. However, the forehead plays a relevant role in our upper portion of the face. To ensure facial harmony, it is imperative that the forehead is assessed as part of the total face assessment.

With genetic predisposition, some of us may have concave forehead which can be quite masculinising. The frontal concavity also disrupts the youthful contour of the forehead and changes the light reflection, resulting in a more ageing appearance of the upper face.


Whilst forehead treatment is typically more commonly requested procedure amongst Asian patients, forehead treatment may also be considered to recontour and rejuvenate a mature forehead with concavity due to volume loss.

This procedure helps to improve the shape of the forehead and/or address the signs of ageing. Flatness or depressed forehead can also look masculine. In females, a soft and convex shape is ideal so if forehead depression is significant, we can feminise the face and forehead with volume & contour treatment. In the contrary, if we add softness and curvatures to a male forehead, which is naturally slightly concave in shape, we will dilute the masculinity and dominance of a male face – this is ideal for patients who prefer a gender-fluid appearance or are undergoing gender reassignment.



The size of an ideal forehead is determined by other proportions of the facial compartments – the middle section (midface) and lower section (lower face). Other factors including gender, ethnicity and cultural perceptions also need to be considered.


To feminise and beautify, volume & contour treatment can be used to recontour and reshape the forehead into a gentler convex. A fuller forehead may also result in a more lifted eyebrow appearance. Even though men generally are genetically built with a concave forehead, if the concavity is too severe, it may also portray hostility and angriness which some may prefer to soften to give a friendlier social perception.


As part of volume loss due to the ageing process, the upper third of the face may look ageing due to increased prominence of the bone ridges, deflation of the forehead compartment and drooping of the eyebrows.


Beyond The Box

We think far ahead before we pick up our syringe and inject. Many factors come into our mind when we design your face – your personal style/personality. Forehead is a higher risk area to treat with volume & contour treatments and the procedure is classified as very advanced procedure. This procedure is available at Eleventh Heaven™ and is performed by Dr Ricky with careful planning.


Male & Female Forehead - The Differences

Left: Male – Forehead is slightly concave, sloped and has a more prominent brow ridge.

Right: Female – Forehead is more vertical and convex with less prominent brow ridge.

Image credit: Lower Third Facial Contouring: Male vs female – understanding the differences.​

Clinical Dosage

The clinical dosage is determined by:

  1. The size/shape of your forehead.
  2. Your clinical needs.
  3. Your desired aesthetic outcomes.

More than 1 session may be required as typically the forehead is treated slowly and gently. This approach allows maximum safety and gives the best aesthetic outcomes.

Areas To Be Treated

Most of the forehead can be treated except when it is too close to the eyebrows where it could be quite dangerous to treat. Patients with forehead concavity usually also have a degree of temple hollowing and likely will benefit from temple treatment treatment too.

Pain Relief

Prescriptive topical anaesthesia will be applied for 10-15 minutes prior to your procedure. A nerve block to the supraorbital and supratrochlear nerve is also commonly performed to fully anaesthetise the whole forehead. There is anaesthetic agent in the treatment which will make the procedure even more tolerable.

Injecting Methods

Dr Ricky uses a dermal filling cannula, which is a blunt-tipped instrument to administer forehead treatment. This gives a more even & smoother distribution of the treatment and is less traumatic to the tissue. This method when performed gently also reduces the risk of inadvertent vascular injection which can lead to serious complications.

Product Choice

Product selection is solely a clinical decision based on the factors discussed above.

Whilst our patients do not ask about the brand or name of the product because of the trust they have bestowed upon us, you can be assured we only use premium and Australian government approved product that we have sourced from authorised and genuine supplier. In addition, Eleventh Heaven™ only uses volume & contour treatments from reputable manufacturers and products that are backed up by sufficient clinical data.

With our years of experience and numbers of patients treated, we have used and trialled most of the premium & approved volume & contour treatments available in Australia. Eleventh Heaven™ has therefore gathered enough experience and knowledge about the different rheological properties of various volume & contour treatments to select the best and safest products available.

For forehead treatment, a volume & contour treatment that is soft and moldable is preferred to ensure smoothness of the forehead. Appropriate product with corresponding technology/rheology will be selected based on your tissue thickness and aesthetic goal.

* As volume & contour treatment is classified as prescription-only medicine in Australia, we are not able to name the brands.

* Please be aware there are many counterfeit injectable products due to illegal importation into Australia. 

Forehead Treatment Procedure

  1. Detailed consultation and contraindications screened.
  2. Pre-procedure: Antiseptic wash & topical anaesthesia (10-15 minutes) +/- nerve block.
  3. Disinfection of the face again with Chlorhexidine and Ethanol.
  4. Confirm anaesthesia with careful contact of needle and anaesthetised area.
  5. Once satisfactory anaesthesia has been confirmed, a fine needle or a cannula will be introduced.
  6. Your tolerance and progress is monitored throughout.
  7. You might be required to sit up during the procedure multiple times throughout for aesthetic outcomes.
  8. Disinfect and pressure/massage may be applied.

Procedure Downtime

Swelling is possible and common for the first 48 hours. Any swelling and bruises after 24 hours can usually be covered with makeup easily. It is common in the first few hours after the procedure that you feel eyelid/eyebrow heaviness. This is due to anaesthetic effects from the treatment and/or nerve block.

Potential Side Effects/Complications

As with all medical procedures, side effects or complications are possible. These are usually very mild, minor and self-limited. Forehead treatment procedure is a highly advanced and sophisticated procedure. This procedure should only be performed by well-trained practitioners in a well-equipped medical facility.


  • Swelling
  • Bruises
  • Possible asymmetry
  • Possible need for further treatment/product


  • Delayed allergic reaction
  • Granuloma
  • Infection

Very Rare

  • Vascular occlusion causing skin necrosis leading to scarring if not treated early
  • Blindness

Investment Guidance

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