Hands Rejuvenation/Dermal Treatments for Hands


Many patients are pursuing simultaneous facial and hand rejuvenation with the latter receiving increased interest in recent years.

The hands, just like the face, are also highly visible and are subjected to the ageing. As the hands age at similar rate as the face, it is vital that hand rejuvenation is considered as an integral part of our holistic approach to aesthetic medicine.



The appearance of the hands are a reliable indicator of age. With time, there is volume depletion of the hands coming from atrophy within the fat deposits and thinning of the overlying skin. This results in more prominence and visibility of the underlying tendons, bones and veins.

Volume & Contour treatments can rejuvenate the hand by improving:

  1. Wrinkles in the hands;
  2. Skin quality of the hands;
  3. Volume in the hands.



Purpose of Hands Treatment

To rejuvenate:

  • Reduce wrinkling
  • Improve skin quality of the hands
  • Improve volume of the hands
  • Reduce visibility of tendons, veins and bones

Ageing of Hands

Grade 0: No loss of fatty tissue

Grade 1: Mild loss of fatty tissue; slight visibility of veins

Grade 2: Moderate loss of fatty tissue; mild visibility of veins and tendons

Grade 3: Severe loss of fatty tissue; moderate visibility of veins and tendons

Grade 4: Very severe loss of fatty tissue; marked visibility of veins and tendons

Hand Treatments Brisbane Eleventh Heaven Radiesse Brisbane
Image Credit: Courtesy of Merz Aesthetics

Clinical Dosage

1 or more sessions may be required depending on the severity of volume loss.

The condition of the hands may improve with the collagen stimulatory effects from the treatment.

Pain Relief

This procedure is very well tolerated with minimal injection points. Local anaesthetic is also present in hand treatments which will make the procedure even more tolerable.

Injecting Methods

A blunt dermal-filling cannula is typically used with one-three entry points per hand. This technique allows even distribution of the hands and is less traumatic to the tissue.

Product Choice

For hand rejuvenation, a treatment with dual treatment and collagen stimulating properties is commonly used. Occasionally, sugar-based volume & contour treatment may be used.

* As volume & contour treatment is classified as prescription-only medicine in Australia, we are not able to name the brands.

* Please be aware there are many counterfeit injectable products due to illegal importation into Australia. 

Hands Treatment Procedure

  1. Detailed consultation and contraindications screened.
  2. Disinfection of the hands with Chlorhexidine and Ethanol.
  3. Entry point(s) made and volume & contour treatment cannula introduced.
  4. Your tolerance and progress is monitored throughout.
  5. Disinfect and pressure/massage may be applied.

Procedure Downtime

Swelling is possible and common for the first 48 hours. Any swelling and bruises after 24 hours can usually be covered with makeup easily.

Potential Side Effect/Complications

As with all medical procedures, side effects or complications are possible. These are usually very mild, minor and self-limited.


  • Swelling
  • Bruises
  • Possible asymmetry
  • Possible need for further treatment/product


  • Delayed allergic reaction
  • Granuloma
  • Infection

Very Rare

  • Vascular occlusion causing skin necrosis leading to scarring if not treated early
  • Tendonitis

Investment Guidance and Consultation Request

Please refer to our Treatment page.

consultation can be arranged by contacting us on +61 7 3067 7411.

Online booking is also possible.