Jawline Augmentation/Enhancement


We find that jawline has been an often overlooked and under-treated area amongst our Brisbane patients. This may be due to patients previously only seeing themselves from a front-on, 2D perspective. Your jaw proportions and balances the entire face, especially the lower third portion. It is integral to the perception of attractiveness and facial youth, as well as key to defining masculine versus feminine facial features.


This under-treated area requires precision and anatomical knowledge to achieve the perfect jaw. An ideal jawline adds attractiveness, youthfulness and confidence which generates positive social implications.

A stronger and more masculine jawline chisels a male face, adding attractiveness and characters to the male face. It also portrays confidence and strength which are favourable in social or business engagements. A smooth-flowing, defined and elegant jawline adds youthfulness and slenderness to the female face.

Patients may seek this treatment at our Brisbane Clinic for the following reasons:

  1. Correct asymmetry in the jawline;
  2. Create structure and shape that has been lost due to ageing;
  3. Add continuity to improve jowls and facilitate the shaping of the chin to achieve ideal lower front & side facial profile.



The size of the achieved jawline will vary based upon the desired aesthetic as discussed and determined with Dr. Ricky. Achieving a smaller jawline may make you feel beautiful and youthful while balancing your entire face. Alternatively, a strong jawline may have been your ‘je ne sais quoi’ factor that you didn’t realise you were missing.


Shaping the jawline is where technical skills and anatomical knowledge needs to be married. Jaw shape can be instrumental in feminising or masculinising all of your other facial features. Those who prefer a softer jawline may prefer an egg-shape, while those who are after a stronger jawline may opt for more of a box shape. Whether it is to feminise or masculinise your features, achieving the right jaw shape is crucial to your overall aesthetic outcome.


Underlying bone and tissue become compromised with age and a perfected jawline may aide greatly in balancing and supporting the entire face. Dr. Ricky has honed his techniques to create structure in order to first lend support. Next, he will give shape where needed to bring facial cohesiveness, something that will be noticeable from every angle.


Purpose of Jawline Treatment

A well-defined jawline is a critical component in the perception of facial attractiveness in both men and women. Volume & Contour treatments offer a nonsurgical, temporary method of correcting mild-to-moderate mandibular bone resorption.

  • To look younger/rejuvenate.
  • To enhance beauty/masculinity.
  • To improve facial asymmetry.
  • To enhance/restore jawline definition.
  • To improve jowls.

Male and Female Jawline

Males and females are structurally different – at the bony level, a Caucasian female facial skeleton is more rounded and V-shaped while a Caucasian male skeleton is typically more angular and square in formation.

(Image Credit: IFAAS Lower Third Facial Contouring​)

Clinical Dosage

The clinical dosage is solely determined by:

  1. Desired aesthetic goals – masculine, feminine, gender-fluid;
  2. Ethnicity/genetic factors;
  3. Bone/soft tissue features;
  4. Personal/social image that you wish to portray.

Jawline can be a “blackhole” and requires a fair amount of volume & contour treatment products to achieve proper enhancement. Progressive results are possible with multiple sessions and patience.

Pain Relief

Most patients do not require any form of anaesthesia as the procedure is very tolerable.

If needed, ice and topical anaesthesia are available.

There is anaesthetic agent in the treatment which will make the procedure even more tolerable.

Injecting Methods

Dr Ricky mostly uses a dermal filling cannula, which is a blunt-tipped instrument to administer the jawline treatment. This gives a more even & smoother distribution of the treatment and is less traumatic to the tissue. A wide area of the jawline can be treated with just one entry point thereby minimises side effects such as swelling and bruising.

Product Choice

Product selection is solely a clinical decision based on the factors discussed above.

Whilst our patients do not ask about the brand or name of the product because of the trust they have bestowed upon us, you can be assured we only use premium and Australian government approved product that we have sourced from authorised and genuine supplier. In addition, Eleventh Heaven™ only uses volume & contour treatments from reputable manufacturers and products that are backed up by sufficient clinical data.

With our years of experience and numbers of patients treated, we have used and trialled most of the premium & approved volume & contour treatments available in Australia. Eleventh Heaven™ has therefore gathered enough experience and knowledge about the different rheological properties of various volume & contour treatments to select the best and safest products available.

For jawline treatment, a volume & contour treatment that is thick and firm is required to give projection. Appropriate product with corresponding technology will be selected based on your tissue thickness and aesthetic goal.

* As volume & contour treatment is classified as prescription-only medicine in Australia, we are not able to name the brands.

* Please be aware there are many counterfeit injectable products due to illegal importation into Australia. 

Jawline Augmentation Procedure

  1. Detailed consultation and contraindications screened.
  2. Pre-procedure: Antiseptic wash.
  3. Disinfection of the face again with Chlorhexidine and Ethanol.
  4. Introduction of a dermal filling cannula.
  5. Your tolerance and progress is monitored throughout.
  6. You might be required to sit up or animate during the procedure multiple times throughout for aesthetic outcomes.

Procedure Downtime

Minimal/no downtime. Swelling is possible and common for the first 48 hours. Any swelling and bruises after 24 hours can usually be covered with makeup easily.

Potential Side Effects/Complications

As with all medical procedures, side effects or complications are possible. These are usually very mild, minor and self-limited.


  • Swelling
  • Bruises
  • Possible asymmetry
  • Possible need for further treatment/product


  • Delayed allergic reaction
  • Granuloma
  • Infection

Very Rare

  • Vascular occlusion causing skin necrosis leading to scarring if not treated early
  • Blindness

Investment Guidance

Please refer to our Treatment page.

Consultation Request

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