Lip Injections/Lip Enhancement


Everyone is a unique and beautiful canvas when they enter the clinic and this is celebrated at your premiere aesthetic medicine clinic, Eleventh Heaven™. One aspect that contributes to our uniqueness are different facial structures. Beneath and around all of our features, including lips, everyone has different skin thickness, fat tissue, muscle strength and bone structures. It is important to remember that as we age, these become further compromised, requiring further aesthetic, artistic and anatomic expertise. Dr. Ricky is an artist in his own right and will leave you with a beautiful pièce de résistance.


Lip treatment is a very commonly requested procedure in Brisbane but this procedure requires expertise and appreciation of facial artistry.

When expectedly crafted, this procedure serves to:

1. Enhance facial beauty.

2. Rejuvenate and look younger (e.g. gentle revolumisation of deflated lips due to ageing process)

3. Improve or restore positive emotional attributes (e.g. downturned lips are associated with sad emotions).

Here is a peer-reviewed medical journal article about the relationship of the lips and facial beauty.



A one-size-fits-all approach just would not do when designing your lips. We will first get inspiration from your eyes, the depth of your chin and even your personal style when assessing for your best-suited lip size & shape. Whether you are wanting subtle volume with hydration or luscious lips, balance between the top and lower lip is key and your natural proportioning will be integrated in to the design.


Your natural lip shape will be highly dependent upon your surrounding structures of tissue and this approach is paramount to us and Dr Ricky. Any deficiency or ageing structures will always be taken in to account and will require treatment. Dr. Ricky will utilise his highly trained eye (and hand) to skilfully develop and augment to create your perfect lip border and shape, which in turns, enhance and harmonise your facial beauty.


Ageing factors can often be overlooked when assessing lips, however it’s important that this be observed. To ensure a strong and sufficient foundation for your beautiful lips at any age, a solid foundation on which to build is essential. Next infusing your lips with hydration and volume are in order to fulfil your lip goals.

Beyond The Box

We think far ahead before we pick up our syringe and inject. Many factors come into our mind when we design your lips – your personal style/personality, what your lips look like in 3D view and during animation, what your lips may look like in long run.


Purpose of Lip Treatment

To improve:

  • Size of the lips
  • Proportions/ratio of the lips
  • Define lip borders
  • Projection of the lips to improve facial profile
  • Lip shaping
  • Reducing lip lines by restoring perioral structures

Lip Anatomy

Two parts:

  1. Cutaneous lip (skin portion/white part of the lips)
  2. Red lip

(Image Credit: von Arx T., Lozanoff S. (2017) Oral Fissure and Lips. In: Clinical Oral Anatomy. Springer, Cham)

Clinical Dosage

The clinical dosage is solely determined by:

  1. Your lip ratio with reference to other facial structures/profile (your lips cannot be designed and enhanced in isolation; they need to fit your face and compliment your other facial structures)
  2. Your lip anatomy/perioral anatomy;
  3. Your lip size;
  4. Your desired aesthetic outcomes.

It is typical that no more than 1 syringe of treatment is injected as we prefer to allow sufficient time for your lip tissue to accommodate the lip treatment and fine tune gradually. This approach allows maximum safety and gives the best aesthetic outcomes.

Areas To Be Treated

As per the illustration under “Lip Anatomy”.

We commonly treat the perioral/lip surrounding structures – i.e. cutaneous lips in addition to the red part of the lips. Without a solid foundation (perioral/lip surrounding stuctures), sole treatment to the red lips may yield an unnatural and biased outcomes.

Pain Relief

Prescriptive topical anaesthesia will be applied for 10-15 minutes prior to your procedure.

We have trialled a few different topical products and have derived at a topical anaesthesia that is formulated with a special base that allows efficient penetration of the anaesthetic agents into the lip tissue. As a result, our patients generally can tolerate the procedure well without requiring further anaesthesia (such as dental block). We have since used the same product for years.

Furthermore, there is also anaesthetic agent incorporated in the treatment to yield further anaesthesia during the procedure.

Injecting Methods

As usual, Dr Ricky and Eleventh Heaven™ do not believe in one blanket method to inject due to individual anatomy and needs. Dr Ricky is very fluent in both the traditional “sharp” needle techniques and more advanced & challenging “cannula” method.

  1. Sharp technique – using a fine needle; most commonly used technique in Australia (estimated 95-98%); excellent for precision but associated with more downtime
  2. Cannulation technique – using a blunt dermal-filling cannula; least popular amongst practitioners due to the complexity and expertise required however a necessity to be mastered for result excellence; ideal for eversion of the lip tissue (pushing out of the lip tissue e.g. in collapsing/in-rolling lip tissue in mature lips); less downtime

Which techniques to utilise is solely a clinical decision. Occasionally, both methods might be employed.

Product Choice

Product selection is solely a clinical decision based on the factors discussed above.

Whilst our patients do not ask about the brand or name of the product because of the trust they have bestowed upon us, you can be assured we only use premium and Australian government approved product that we have sourced from authorised and genuine supplier. In addition, Eleventh Heaven™ only uses volume & contour treatments from reputable manufacturers and products that are backed up by sufficient clinical data.

With our years of experience and numbers of patients treated, we have used and trialled most of the premium & approved volume & contour treatments available in Australia. Eleventh Heaven™ has therefore gathered enough experience and knowledge about the different rheological properties of various volume & contour treatments to select the best and safest products available.

The choice of lip treatment is a clinical decision and is guided by your desired outcome, anatomy and tissue thickness. Appropriate product with corresponding technology/rheology will be selected based on your tissue thickness and aesthetic goal.

* As volume & contour treatment is classified as prescription-only medicine in Australia, we are not able to name the brands.

* Please be aware there are many counterfeit injectable products due to illegal importation into Australia. 

Lip Treatment Procedure

  1. Detailed consultation and contraindications screened.
  2. Cold sore tablets will be given if you have a history of cold sores.
  3. Pre-procedure: Antiseptic wash & topical anaesthesia (10-15 minutes).
  4. Disinfection of the face again with Chlorhexidine and Ethanol.
  5. Confirm anaesthesia with careful contact of needle and anaesthetised area.
  6. Once satisfactory anaesthesia has been confirmed, a fine needle or a cannula will be introduced.
  7. Your tolerance and progress is monitored throughout.
  8. You might be required to sit up or animate during the procedure multiple times throughout for aesthetic outcomes.
  9. Disinfect and pressure/massage may be applied.

Procedure Downtime

Swelling is possible and common for the first 48 hours. Any swelling and bruises after 24 hours can usually be covered with makeup easily.

Potential Side Effects/Complications

As with all medical procedures, side effects or complications are possible. These are usually very mild, minor and self-limited.


  • Swelling
  • Bruises
  • Possible asymmetry
  • Possible need for further treatment/product


  • Delayed allergic reaction
  • Granuloma
  • Infection

Very Rare

  • Vascular occlusion causing skin necrosis leading to scarring if not treated early
  • Blindness

Investment Guidance

Please refer to our Treatment page.

Consultation Request

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