Upper Face & Temple Restoration/Recontouring


Temples are quite possibly one of the most neglected treatment areas in facial rejuvenation; very few individuals will know or notice when this area requires a little volume. Temple hollowing causes a gaunt and skeletal look. The hollowing may also cause the eyebrows to appear droopy.


Volumising the temples not only provides a softer, more youthful look but it also contributes to creating the appearance of an eyebrow lift. Temples connect the upper portion of the face to the middle portion of the face. Hollowing of the temples causes a harsh disruption to the facial curvatures and typically this appearance translates into a tired, gaunt and unhealthy appearance.

Many patients who receive temple treatment have sought the following:

1. Wishing to appear younger
2. Wanting an eyebrow lift
3. Desiring to look healthy and rejuvenated

Upper Face & Temple Restoration/Recontouring



There are several factors that naturally contribute to loss of volume in this area including age, facial structure and sometimes even weight (something that is a prevalent contributor to volume loss in the younger generation). The severity of the lost volume at the temples will indicate the amount of treatment required.


In female, a well-injected temple contributes to a beautiful curvature, starting from the margin of forehead and ending with the cheeks. In males, we like to keep facial lines in a vertical fashion so overfilling is not recommended.


This is a highly overlooked area when injecting to restore youth to an individual’s aesthetic. If left untreated this can masculinise women as it contributes to a ‘dip’ above the eyes, making the tail of the eyebrow difficult to view from many angles. When looking at their profile, this can make the temple appear ‘straight’ which is something that is commonly viewed as physical being a male attribute. While this is more acceptable in men, too little volume in the area can make both genders appear unhealthy and generally ‘unwell’.

Beyond The Box

We think far ahead before we pick up our syringe and inject. Many factors come into our mind when we design your face. It is important to remember that we are viewed from all angles and that your treatment at Eleventh Heaven takes that in to consideration, ensuring that you will look beautiful & well-presented from all angles.


Purpose of Temple Treatment

To reconnect the upper portion of the face to the middle portion of the face, resulting in:

  • Younger & healthier appearance
  • Possible “eye opening” effects/brow lift

Temple Hollowing

Image Credit: Juhász, Margit Lai Wun and Ellen S. Marmur. “Temporal fossa defects: techniques for injecting hyaluronic acid treatment and complications after hyaluronic acid treatment injection.” Journal of cosmetic dermatology 14 3 (2015): 254-9.

Areas to be Treated

The temples usually will require direct treatment but occasionally the treatment may extend to the hairline/forehead for blending effects.

Pain Relief

Anaesthetic is typically not required. The presence of anaesthetic agent incorporated in the treatment will make the procedure very tolerable with minimal discomfort.

Injecting Methods

  • Sharp needle
  • Dermal filling cannula

Product Choice

Product selection is solely a clinical decision based on the factors discussed above.

Whilst our patients do not ask about the brand or name of the product because of the trust they have bestowed upon us, you can be assured we only use premium and Australian government approved product that we have sourced from authorised and genuine supplier. In addition, Eleventh Heaven™ only uses volume & contour treatments from reputable manufacturers and products that are backed up by sufficient clinical data.

With our years of experience and numbers of patients treated, we have used and trialled most of the premium & approved volume & contour treatments available in Australia. Eleventh Heaven™ has therefore gathered enough experience and knowledge about the different rheological properties of various volume & contour treatments to select the best and safest products available.

For cheek treatment, a volume & contour treatment that is thick and firm is required to give projection or replace deep fat/bone structural loss. If we are trying to replace more superficial fat loss, we require a product that moves with your muscle movements (e.g. during smiling). Appropriate product with corresponding technology/rheology will be selected based on your tissue thickness and aesthetic goal.

* As volume & contour treatment is classified as prescription-only medicine in Australia, we are not able to name the brands.

* Please be aware there are many counterfeit injectable products due to illegal importation into Australia. 

Temple Treatment Procedure

  1. Detailed consultation and contraindications screened.
  2. Pre-procedure: Antiseptic wash.
  3. Disinfection of the face again with Chlorhexidine and Ethanol.
  4. Injecting begins,
  5. You might be required to sit up or animate during the procedure multiple times throughout for aesthetic outcomes.
  6. Disinfect and pressure/massage may be applied.

Procedure Downtime

Swelling is possible and common for the first 48 hours. Any swelling and bruises after 24 hours can usually be covered with makeup easily.

Potential Side Effects/Complications

As with all medical procedures, side effects or complications are possible. These are usually very mild, minor and self-limited.


  • Swelling
  • Bruises
  • Possible asymmetry
  • Possible need for further treatment/product


  • Delayed allergic reaction
  • Granuloma
  • Infection

Very Rare

  • Vascular occlusion causing skin necrosis leading to scarring if not treated early
  • Blindness

Investment Guidance

Please refer to our Treatment page.

Consultation Request

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