The Trend Is Taking Over Men’s Faces

Eleventh Heaven™ has been welcoming many men since its establishment and men accounts for approximately 35% of our regular clinic visits, whereas in most other clinics, it is only approximately 10% of the total clinic visits. We are excited and privileged to support and assist more and more men in achieving their aesthetic goals and become more confident.

Eleventh Heaven™ and Dr Ricky understands the unique medical aesthetic needs of men in this new era – whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s or above. At Eleventh Heaven™, we offer treatments that are results-based with minimal or no downtime. These procedures can easily be performed during your lunch break with minimal or no telltale signs that you just had a procedure done. By default, the treatment plan is designed to ensure that men’s symbolic features are preserved and not look overdone.

In the last decade, the number of men undergoing cosmetic procedures has increased by approximately 375%. Whether it is just a top up treatment,  freshen up your appearance, building a masculine contour or transforming to a gender fluid look, we will always offer an in-depth consultation & customise a treatment plan with you. It is important for you to seek treatments from someone who understands male aesthetics as men have different facial anatomy and aesthetic needs compared to women.

Men’s Top 10 Concerns:

  1. Hair Loss
  2. Saggy jawline
  3. Weak chin
  4. Under-eye hollowing
  5. Wrinkles
  6. Double chin
  7. Rough skin
  8. Sagging face
  9. Excessive sweating
  10. Acne scars

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Hair Loss (Androgenic Alopecia) / Thinning Hair Treatment

Neograft 2.0 FUE Hair Transplantation is the latest version of this world-renowned hair restoration technology and Dr Ricky & Eleventh Heaven is proud to be able to be the first in Queensland to offer you this innovation. NeoGraft® 2.0 is the leading technology in hair restoration that physicians and patients trust and ask for by name due to its ability to give a natural-looking result.

Jawline Filler for a Masculine Jawline

A strong and chiseled jawline defines masculinity, attractiveness and youthfulness. Some of us lack some jawline definition and some of us start losing our jawline as we mature.

Dermal filler can be placed along the jawline to simulate your bone structure to restore a more chiseled and masculine jawline.

How: Dermal filler to contour and augment

Procedure: 30-60 minutes

Results: Instant, lasts 9-18 months

Downtime: None

Chin Filler for a Strong Chin

A strong chin is a must to achieve a contoured masculine look. Some of us are born with a receded chin and we start to lose chin structure as we mature. Non-surgical chin augmentation is a very popular male treatment as results can be achieved non-surgically with minimal or no downtime to create or restore your masculinity.

How: Dermal filler

Procedure: 30-60 minutes

Results: Instant, lasts 9-18 months

Downtime: None/Minimal

Under-Eye Hollowing Treatment

This can occur due to genetic factors such as a more “exposed” skeleton structure or due to ageing process. Under-eye hollowing is a very frequently requested treatment in order to combat the tired-look it gives. Multiple studies have demonstrated that a tired man is less competitive when it comes to job opportunities and other social endeavours.

In appropriate candidates, dermal filler can be used to gently lift the hollows to freshen you up. This highly advanced procedure requires skilful placement and precise placement of product as the skin around the eyes are very delicate and fragile.

How: Dermal filler to lift and/or blend

Procedure: 30-60 minutes

Results: Instant, lasts 6-18 months

Downtime: None/Minimum


Antiwrinkle injections are commonly used to soften forehead, frown and eye wrinkles. We can titrate treatments to soften lines and preserve some lines at the same time as some men (or their partners) regard lines as a masculine features. However, when the lines are too deep, they often make you look tired and worn out. Some men prefer full treatment where we try to iron out as many lines as we can.

How: Antiwrinkles

Procedure: 15 minutes

Results: Full effects within 2 weeks; noticeable results typically in 3-7 days

Lasts: 3-4 months (i.e. 3-4 treatments per year)

Downtime: None

Double Chin Treatment

A well-defined chin/neck profile implies being a healthy weight, confident, youthful and fit man. There are 3 causes of double chin – genetic, ageing and weight gain.

Losing weight does not necessarily mean losing your double chin as the appearance is also likely due to genetic predisposition too.  It is very common in our practice to treat fitness maniacs and young men who work out a lot but can never get rid of that stubborn chin fat.

Fat dissolver is a great tool to contour the neck/chin angle especially if you only have a small to moderate pocket of fat. We are one of the first clinics in Queensland credentialed to offer this treatment since its launch in February 2017.

How: Fat dissolver

Procedure: 30 minutes

Lasts: Long lasting

Downtime: Swelling gradually subsides within 1-4 weeks

Skin Texture Improvements

Especially with our Queensland weather, local residents typically photo-age faster than other residents from cooler states. In our practice, we have noticed a huge surge of men (surfers, tradies, white collars etc) recognising skin damages and therefore initiated preventions and treatments.

We offer a multi-modality treatment approach where we combine gentle resurfacing laser and peels along with take-home medical grade skin care and sunscreen.

How: Clear + Brilliant Fractional Laser

Procedure: 45 minutes

Results: Noticeable skin improvements in 10-14 days

Lasts: An initial protocol of 4-6 treatments (4 weekly apart) is recommended and maintenance treatment every 3 monthly

Downtime: None/minimal


How: MediPeels

Procedure: 30 minutes

Results: Skin improvements 1-2 weeks after

Last: An initial protocol of 4-6 peels every 4 weekly and maintenance treatment every 3 monthly

Downtime: None

Sagging Face Treatment

As we age, we lose bone structures and fat pad support. As a results, our face starts to become saggy and jowly. Whilst men naturally do age better than females, it is easier and best to treat when early signs of ageing/sagging start to manifest. It is technically easier for the practitioner to treat and also financially less challenging for you.

By identifying where volume loss has occurred, fillervolumiser/collagen boosters or threadlift can be used to restore the volume and sculpt your face.

How: Filler/Collagen Biostimulator/Threadlift/Combination

Procedure time: 30-60 minutes

Results: Immediate with filler; gradual improvements over 4-12 weeks with collagen stimulator/threadlift

Lasts: 6-18 months (filler), up to 2 years (collagen stimulator), up to 12 months (threadlift)

Excessive Sweating Treatment

Excessive sweating (especially underarm) is a very common condition amongst the population especially in the men. Did you know simple and quick muscle relaxant injections can stop the overactivity of the sweat glands effectively?

Whether it is to avoid social awkwardness, improve confidence, to stop staining your favourite shirts or to facilitate your business meetings, you can put a stop to hyperhidrosis for a good 4-9 months. Other treatment areas include hands and feet.

How: Muscle relaxant injections to stop sweat gland activities

Procedure: 15 – 30 minutes

Results: Typically in 2 weeks

Lasts: 4-9 months

Downtime: None

Acne Scars Improvement

Some of us are more prone to scarring from acne and results in diminished self-confidence. Depression from acne scarring has been reported so the impact of scarring should not be undermined. Whilst acne scars are usually complex and difficult to treat, improvements may be achieved via a multi-modality approach. Possible treatments include fillers to buffer the depressions caused by the scars, subcision, laser resurfacing and platelet rich plasma (PRP).

How: Raise acne scars with filler and/or subcision; scar tissue remodeling with laser resurfacing, PRP; or a combination of these treatments.

Procedure: 30-60 minutes

Results: Immediate with filler, gradual tissue remodeling over 2-3 months with other modalities; repeated treatments required

Downtime: None/minimal