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booking deposit/consultation fee of $100 is essential to secure your appointment at the Eleventh Heaven™. This applies to all new and current patients. This policy is strictly implemented so that we can dedicate our time and resources exclusively to the patient on the time slot and also to allow other patients on waiting list to be booked in.

New Patient – Your consultation/booking fee is redeemable on treatments within 30 days of your initial consultation/scheduled appointment.

Current Patient – Your booking/consultation fee is redeemable on treatments on the day of your appointment.


An automated confirmation text is typically sent to your mobile number provided 72 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. A confirmation email will also be sent to you after you have made your appointment to confirm your booking. Please bear in mind that it is still your responsibility to adhere to your appointment even if you do not receive a reminder text, call or email from us.

We respectfully request that you contact us at least 48 clinic business hours (the clinic is closed on Mondays, Sundays and Public Holidays) before your scheduled appointment if you are unable to attend your appointment or should the appointment time become inconvenient for you.

Late changes (including rescheduling) made within 48 hours (clinic business hours) of your appointment or failure to attend will result in your booking fee being forfeited. Late fee will be automatically applied at your next appointment. Furthermore, we also reserve the right to charge you 50% of your treatment cost. Late changes or failure to attend your appointment using a prepaid series will automatically result in one prepaid treatment being charged.

We thank you for understanding that our policies are implemented to ensure our patient care remains impeccable and so that we can continue to provide a fair and timely service to all of our patients.


Will be:

(1) Declined all future appointments at the Eleventh Heaven™ indefinitely


(2) Required to pay:

  • Below listed fee**/50% balance (whichever is the greater) of the last no-show/same day cancellation appointment/treatment value


  • Booking deposit*** (as per below listed fee or 50% value of proposed appointment/treatment value; whichever is the greater ) to secure any future appointments.


* Two recorded no show/same day cancellation.

** Antiwrinkles – minimum payable fee/deposit $250

** Dermal Filler – minimum payable fee/deposit $550

** Threadlift – minimum payable fee/deposit $1700

** Filler dissolving treatment – minimum payable fee/deposit $140

** Laser – minimum payable/deposit $190

*** Booking deposit is redeemable on treatment on the day of appointment. $100 booking deposit will be forfeited if less than 48 hours cancellation notice is provided (excluding same day cancellation). Booking deposit will be 100% forfeited and is non-refundable for same day cancellation.


To reduce the risk of infection and for accurate clinical assessment, we kindly request all injectable and threadlift patients to not wear any makeup to your consultation/treatment appointment. This protocol will also help to reduce the risk of latent infection from makeup residual.


You are responsible for ensuring that full payment is made before or on the day of treatment. If for any reason your chosen method of payment is declined, we may enter into an agreed payment method and any overdue invoice shall, and will accrue daily interest from the date of your treatment until full settlement of the invoice. Eleventh Heaven™ will be indemnified against any cost incurred as a result of late or failed payments, such as legal costs, which include Eleventh Heaven’s and your own solicitor’s, and any Debt Collection Agency costs.


Any prepaid treatments or series will expire in 6 or 8 months (will be advised in clinic; excluding specials or informed otherwise) and are non-refundable & non-transferable. Failure to attend or late cancellations (within 48 hours) of a scheduled appointment will automatically result in one prepaid treatment being charged.

You agree to enter into these terms with purchasing these prepaid treatments.


Clinic gift cards are also non-refundable and non-transferrable. The value expires 3 years from the date of issue. For full details, please refer here.


Every educated and reasonable effort is made to deliver the best possible aesthetic outcome but every human body react differently and therefore individual results will vary. It is impossible to refund any fees associated with any treatments or services as there is no absolute guarantee with medical procedures. This will also be re-iterated on your treatment consent forms.


All humans are asymmetrical. These asymmetries will be discussed during your consultation at the Eleventh Heaven™. Our doctors/therapists will do our best to improve on this. All corrections of asymmetry post treatment (albeit rare) are at the cost of the patient. Eleventh Heaven™ does not offer any complimentary treatments in the case of asymmetry. Satisfaction rates of all medical procedures performed at Eleventh Heaven™ are high.


Please note that prior to all medical treatments, clinical photographs will be taken. These are our clinical/medical records. Your photographs will not be published unless consented otherwise. Eleventh Heaven™ will not be able to provide any treatments unless all required clinical photographs have been taken.


Eleventh Heaven™ reserves the right to terminate the clinic-patient relationship at any time, especially if in the clinical opinion of the medical practitioner, that the patient is not suitable for further care. In this case, the clinic may offer patient alternative doctors/therapists/clinic to continue their treatments.


As Eleventh Heaven™ is an adult procedural clinic and that we do not have any facilities to supervise children/minors, we recommend our patients to not bring their children/minor to their scheduled appointment. Eleventh Heaven™ will not assume any responsibilities should any accidents or incidents happen to unsupervised children/minor.