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Aesthetic Laser Treatments

Broadband Light, Fractional and Hybrid Fractional Laser Treatments for Skin Rejuvenation

Eleventh Heaven offers a range of skin laser treatments in Brisbane to cater to individual skin needs, delivering successful and personalised outcomes.

We utilise advanced laser technologies such as Broadband Light (BBL), Laser (fractional and full field) treatments, and the cutting-edge Hybrid-Fractional laser treatments.

Our robust suite of laser technology allows Eleventh Heaven to be your one-stop-shop to address specific skin problems effectively.

These treatments target concerns like pigmentation, vascular concerns, skin rejuvenation, age-management, scar healing, smoothing lines, sun damage, enlarged pores, and overall skin complexion.

Why Choose Laser Technology for Skin

Laser technology offers a comprehensive and anti-ageing approach to skincare by renewing the skin and stimulating collagen production. Treatments can be customised according to the desired outcomes and downtime. With new and emerging technology paving the way for major skin concerns, the benefits of laser skin treatments make them a sought after treatment for many skin clinics to provide patients with a comprehensive rejuvenation journey in addition to other non-surgical treatments such as injectables.

Our 3 Types of Skin Laser Treatments

Broadband Light Laser: BBL Hero® for Age Management

BBL Hero, short for Broadband Light High Energy Rapid Output, is a top-of-the-line light-based technology that leads the way in non-invasive facial rejuvenation.

BBL is a type of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology but not all IPL are created the same. BBL is the top-of-the-line IPL treatment that effectively addresses skin concerns such as pigmentation and vascular issues while keeping your skin healthy.

With its advanced features like speed, peak power, and cooling, BBL Hero allows for efficient and comfortable treatment of larger areas.

Not only does this versatile therapy provide outstanding results for pigmentation and skin tone issues, but it also serves as an excellent option for skin rejuvenation and proactive age management. Experience the benefits of BBL Hero laser technology at Eleventh Heaven today!

Fractional Laser: Clear + Brilliant® for Skin Healing

The Clear + Brilliant® Fractional Laser from Solta Medical is a cutting-edge treatment for skin rejuvenation. This is an “entry level” laser treatment and is suitable for very mild skin conditions and great as a red carpet laser facial (done 10-14 days prior) with no social downtime involved.

The Intelligent Optical Tracking System guarantees an even distribution of lesions for rapid healing, resulting in a quick turnover of lesions, unveiling smoother and healthier skin within days.

Hybrid Fractional Laser: Halo® for Smoothing Lines

The Halo® Hybrid Fractional Laser is a groundbreaking treatment that effectively addresses sun damage and age-management.

By utilising a combination of ablative and non-ablative wavelengths, it delivers exceptional results with minimal recovery time. This advanced treatment is the most popular laser treatment at Eleventh Heaven as it addresses our patients’ sun damage concerns much more effectively.

Choosing the Right Treatment for You

Identifying the right laser treatment involves understanding individual skin concerns such as stretch marks, enlarged pores, and personal skin goals. A tailored approach ensures the selection of the most effective treatment to achieve desired outcomes.

Personalised Consultation for Your Skin Needs

Our laser consultations allow for the assessment and identification of which laser treatment is right for you. During this session we discuss concerns, and propose a tailored treatment plan to meet your specific skin goals. This approach ensures optimal results and the best course of action.

Understanding Your Skin’s Needs

Every skin type is unique, requiring a personalised approach to laser treatment. Understanding one’s specific skin needs is the first step towards achieving a healthier, more radiant complexion.

Factors Influencing Treatment Choice

Several factors influence the choice of laser treatment, including skin type, concern severity, and desired outcomes. We consider these elements to recommend the most effective treatment plan, ensuring it aligns with the individual’s skin goals and lifestyle.

The Journey to Youthful Skin

The path to youthful skin involves more than just the treatment itself; it includes preparation, the treatment process, and aftercare. This comprehensive approach ensures the best possible outcomes.

Preparation and Aftercare

Proper preparation and aftercare are vital to maximizing the benefits of laser treatments. This includes following pre-treatment instructions and post-treatment care guidelines to ensure a smooth recovery and optimal results.

Maximising Treatment Benefits

To maximize the benefits of laser treatments, clients should adhere to prescribed aftercare procedures, including sun protection and gentle skincare routines. Following these guidelines helps enhance treatment effectiveness and prolongs the results, leading to lasting skin improvements.

What to Expect During Treatment

During your skin laser treatment, expect to be in a relaxed setting where your comfort is our top priority. Each session is carefully planned to ensure it’s as smooth and pain-free as possible. You’ll be guided through the process step-by-step, so you’ll always know what’s happening.

Safety Measures and Comfort

Your safety and comfort are paramount to us during your treatment. We use the latest technology to minimize discomfort and ensure the process is safe. Protective eyewear will be provided, and settings on the laser machines are adjusted to match your skin’s needs, making the experience not just effective but also comfortable.

Why Trust Us for Your Skin Care Needs

Choosing Eleventh Heaven for your skin care needs means placing your trust in hands that care deeply about delivering results. We’re committed to providing exceptional treatments tailored to your skin, ensuring you receive the best possible outcomes.

Embark on Your Skin Transformation Journey

With hundreds of skin laser treatments performed in Brisbane, our expertise in laser skin rejuvenation is unparalleled.

Start your journey towards the skin you’ve always dreamed of with Eleventh Heaven. Simply book online or call our clinic directly to book a consultation or laser treatment today.


Our cosmetic clinic is dedicated to supporting your journey with tailored treatment plans to meet your aesthetic goals. During your consultation, feel free to ask any questions knowing that our products and treatments are always ethical and transparent, prioritising your well-being.


Is Laser Treatment Good for Skin?

Laser treatment is beneficial for addressing certain skin concerns such as acne scarring, pigmentation removal, and improving overall skin texture. With the right care and an experienced team, laser treatments can enhance your skin aesthetics.

Is a Skin Laser Worth it?

Deciding on skin laser treatments can be a big step for many. When considering the effectiveness and results, many find it highly valuable. Laser treatments target various skin concerns, from aging signs to blemishes, offering noticeable improvements. The investment in skin laser can lead to long-term satisfaction with one’s appearance, making it a worthwhile consideration for those seeking lasting changes.

What is the best age for laser resurfacing?

The ideal age for laser resurfacing can vary, as it focuses more on the skin’s condition than the person’s age. Typically, we see individuals in their 30s to 50s as this is when signs of aging or sun damage become more apparent.

However, anyone noticing premature aging signs or with specific skin concerns may find laser resurfacing beneficial at any age, provided they are good candidates for the treatment.

What are the best laser treatments for skin?

Among the top laser treatments, Broadband Light (BBL) therapy, Fractional lasers, and Hybrid Fractional Lasers (like Halo) are highly regarded. BBL therapy is celebrated for its ability to manage skin discolourations and proven to provide anti-ageing benefits at a molecular level, while Fractional lasers excel in skin healing and rejuvenation. Hybrid Fractional Lasers offer a dual approach, smoothing fine lines and achieving overall skin improvement. The choice depends on individual skin needs and desired outcomes.

How long does it take for skin to heal after laser treatment?

The healing time post-laser treatment can vary depending on the type of laser used and the individual’s skin. Generally, recovery can range from a few days to up to two weeks for more intensive treatments. During this period, it’s crucial to follow aftercare instructions to support the healing process and achieve the best results. Patience and proper care are key to a successful recovery.

Can laser skin treatment go wrong?

While laser skin treatments are generally safe, especially when performed by qualified professionals, there are risks involved. Potential complications can include burns, pigmentation changes, and scarring if not done correctly. Choosing an experienced and reputable provider is essential to minimize risks and ensure the highest safety standards are met during the procedure.

Who is not a good candidate for laser resurfacing?

Not everyone is suitable for laser resurfacing treatments. Individuals with active skin infections, severe acne, or very dark skin tones may face higher risks of complications. Those with certain medical conditions or taking medications that affect skin healing may also be advised against these treatments. A thorough consultation with our team can determine if laser resurfacing is a safe option.

What not to do after laser skin treatment?

Following laser skin treatment, there are several precautions to ensure optimal healing. It’s important to avoid direct sunlight and applying broad-spectrum sunscreen is non-negotiable to protect the treated area. Refraining from picking or scratching the skin as it heals is crucial to avoid scarring. Additionally, avoiding harsh skincare products and delaying the use of makeup can also support the healing process and yield better results.

How long until I see results?

Results from laser skin treatments can vary based on the type of laser used and the individual’s skin condition. Some may notice improvements within 2-4 weeks, while others may see the full benefits after several weeks as the skin heals and rejuvenates. Following the recommended treatment plan and aftercare instructions can help achieve the desired outcomes more effectively.

Do lasers get rid of wrinkles?

Laser technology has become a popular choice for smoothing lines. By stimulating collagen production and promoting skin renewal, laser treatments can effectively smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, leading to a more desired complexion. While results can vary, many find laser treatments an effective option for achieving firmer, smoother skin.