Hair Transplant Brisbane

Neograft® 2.0 Follicular Unit Extraction Technology

Hair loss is a common yet deeply personal experience that can shake the very foundation of one’s self-esteem. In a world where appearance plays a significant role in how we perceive ourselves and are perceived by others, the impact of losing hair goes beyond just physical changes.

It’s no surprise that hair loss – commonly known as alopecia, receding hairline or bald spots can make many men and women feel self-conscious or have reduced confidence.

For many individuals in Brisbane grappling with this issue, our hair restoration technology has become a sought-after solution that has opened doors to renewed confidence and self-assurance.

Understanding Hair Transplantation in Brisbane

At its core, hair transplantation in Brisbane involves moving hair from areas with plenty of growth (donor area) to those experiencing thinning or baldness. This technique encourages new hair growth in regions that need it most, offering a permanent solution to hair loss.

What Is Hair Transplantation and How Does It Work?

Hair loss affects both men and women and can be caused by various reasons like stress, medical conditions and genetics. Hair transplantation is a form of cosmetic surgery that takes hair from areas of your body with healthy hair growth and implanting them into your scalp or thinning areas.

Our Neograft® 2.0 FUE Hair Transplant Process

Eleventh Heaven founder, Dr Ricky Sia, is proud to be the first in Queensland to offer this innovative FUE hair transplant procedure. His extensive experience provides a safe and effective approach in achieving results.

Phase 1: Design

The first phase of hair restoration involves a detailed planning session for about 1 hour. Here, Dr. Ricky takes into account your unique facial shape, features, and personal style. Ensuring the results will look natural and meet the patient’s expectations.

Phase 2: Extraction

During the extraction phase, healthy hair follicles are carefully removed from the donor area. These follicles are then prepared for transplantation to the balding or thinning areas of the scalp.

Phase 3: Implantation

In the implantation phase, each hair follicle is meticulously placed into the target area. Using the Neograft® 2.0 hair follicular units are carefully harvested, sorted, and implanted one by one. This safe and fairly non-invasive procedure can take between 4-6 hours and we typically recommend about 2-weeks downtime after the procedure.

Phase 4: Aftercare and Follow-Up

Aftercare is vital for monitoring the success of the hair restoration treatment and maintaining the health of the newly transplanted hair. Eleventh Heaven provides aftercare instructions before and after the FUE hair transplant procedure in writings. We also offer follow up appointments for the first few days post procedure for recovery treatments and to answer any questions that might arise. We then schedule a follow up with the patient every 4 month, 9 month and 12 month marks.

The Evolution of Hair Transplant Techniques

Over the years, hair transplant techniques have seen significant advancements. These improvements have made the procedure more effective, reducing recovery time and enhancing the natural appearance of the transplanted hair.

The latest technology in hair transplantation is the follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplantation. What makes FUE hair restoration procedures special is that they do not leave linear scars like a traditional hair transplant, are more comfortable and require much less recovery time.

At Eleventh Heaven, we utilise the industry leading technology for our FUE hair transplants. The NeoGraft® 2.0 Hair Transplant uses minimally invasive follicular unit extraction to harvest individual hair follicles one-by-one and strand-by-strand.

Risks and Considerations Before Undergoing The Procedure

While hair transplantation offers promising results, it’s important to consider potential risks such as hair loss severity, donor availability and patient expectations.Consulting with our expert team is essential for understanding these factors.

Dr Ricky Sia: Leading the Way in Hair Transplant Brisbane

Dr Ricky Sia has become a prominent figure in Brisbane’s hair transplant scene, known for his expertise and patient-focused approach.
His dedication to excellence in pioneering the NeoGraft® hair transplant technology over the past 4 years has helped countless individuals achieve their hair restoration goals.

Internationally Recognised Expertise

Dr Ricky Sia is not only celebrated in Brisbane but also acknowledged internationally for his contributions to the aesthetic industry.

He holds multiple, highly-accredited teaching positions in the aesthetic industry such as being a valued Board Member for Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia, a Clinical Trainer for Merz Aesthetics and a Clinical Trainer for MINT Threadlift.

The Patient-Centric Approach of Dr Ricky Sia

What sets Dr Ricky Sia apart is his patient-centric approach to hair restoration. He understands the unique needs of each patient, ensuring personalised care and attention throughout the treatment process.

What to Expect During Your First Meeting

During your first consultation for a hair transplant, you can expect a thorough discussion about your hair loss concerns and goals.

Dr Ricky Sia will examine your suitability to determine the best course of action.

This meeting is an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the procedure, recovery, and expected results and is crucial in ensuring that you feel informed and comfortable with the process ahead.

How to Book Your Hair Transplant Consultation

To book your consultation for a hair transplant in Brisbane, simply book online or call Eleventh Heaven directly.

This initial step is straightforward and designed to make setting up your appointment as seamless as possible, marking the beginning of your journey towards hair restoration.

Choosing Eleventh Heaven for Your Hair Restoration

Our cosmetic clinic is dedicated to supporting your journey with tailored treatment plans to meet your aesthetic goals. During your consultation, feel free to ask any questions knowing that our products and treatments are always ethical and transparent, prioritising your well-being.

Choosing the right clinic for a hair transplant is a decision that can significantly impact the success of the procedure and the satisfaction of the patient.

Our clinic combines advanced techniques with a personalised approach to offer a more positive and effective treatment experience.

With a patient-centric approach, Dr Ricky Sia is an expert in designing, implanting and after-care support for the NeoGraft® 2.0 FUE hair transplantation process.

To begin, book a consultation and set the course for your transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplant in Brisbane

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Hair Transplant?

Determining suitability for a hair transplant involves evaluating several factors, including the extent of hair loss, the quality of the donor hair, and your overall health.

The ideal candidate is someone with sufficient donor hair to cover the balding areas and realistic expectations about the results.

A thorough assessment by Dr Ricky Sia can help ascertain whether a hair transplant is the right solution for your hair loss concerns.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

The timeline for seeing results from a hair transplant varies, with initial hair growth possibly observable within 3-4 months post-procedure.

Typically, we expect to see results around 12-months post procedure.

Patience is key, as the transplanted hair needs time to adjust and grow in its new location.

Regular follow-ups with the clinic can help track progress and ensure the best possible outcome.

Is Hair Transplant Right for Me?

Deciding whether a hair transplant is the right choice involves considering various factors, including the extent of hair loss, personal health, and expectations.

We highly recommend consulting with our expert team to understand the procedure, and consider alternatives to make an informed decision that aligns with your goals and lifestyle.

How long does a Hairline Transplant last?

A hairline transplant, also known as a hair transplant, is a permanent solution for restoring hair in areas where it has thinned or receded.

The longevity of a hairline transplant varies from person to person, but in general, the results are considered permanent.

However, it’s worth noting that natural aging and genetic factors can still affect the overall appearance of your hair over time.

What is the failure rate of FUE?

The failure rate of follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplantation is generally very low, with most reputable clinics reporting success rates of over 90%.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the success of the procedure can vary depending on individual factors such as the quality of the donor hair, and the patient’s overall health.

In some cases, complications such as infection, scarring, or poor growth of transplanted hair may occur, leading to a less successful outcome. Remember that results may vary from person to person.

Can you get hair transplant just for hairline?

Yes, it is possible to get a hair transplant specifically for your hairline. This procedure, known as a hairline restoration or hairline lowering, focuses on enhancing and reshaping the frontal hairline to create a more youthful and balanced appearance.

What happens 10 years after hair transplant?

Ten years after a hair transplant, ideally the majority of the transplanted hair is intact for successful procedures and after care.

It’s also common for some individuals to undergo touch-up procedures or additional treatments over time to address any new areas of hair loss that may have developed. However, results will vary from person to person based on individual factors.

Is a FUE Hair Transplantation Painful?

A FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplantation procedure is typically not painful. During the procedure, local anesthesia is used to numb the scalp, so you should not feel any significant pain.

A majority of patients do not require any analgesics post procedure, with a discomfort score of between 1-3 out of 10 post procedure with recovery treatment.

How much does FUE Hair Transplant cost?

Understanding the factors that influence the cost of hair transplantation is crucial. These include the number of grafts required, the technique used, and the initial consultation. Typically the cost can be expected to start from $7,000, however, each treatment is different depending on the needs and requirements of the patient.

Does the Quality of Hair Transplant matter?

When considering a hair transplant in Brisbane, the quality of the procedure can make a huge difference in the outcome.

High-quality services ensure that the hair looks natural, blends well with the existing hair, and lasts long. Investing in a reputable clinic means benefiting from experienced surgeons who use the latest techniques, reducing the risk of complications and achieving the best possible results.

Remember, a hair transplant is not just a medical procedure but a boost to confidence and self-esteem, making the investment in quality a wise decision.