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Eleventh Heaven Treatments


Treatment investment for injectables is dosage dependent. A full face assessment and a customised quote will be provided to you after your consultation with Dr Ricky. All injectable treatments are performed by Dr Ricky.

Muscle Relaxants

Commonly known as anti-wrinkle injections, it is commonly used to soften facial lines caused by repeated contractions of facial muscles. When skilfully injected, muscle relaxants can also enhance the facial profile by lifting the brows and slimming the jawline for instance.
Medical conditions such as bruxism (jaw clenching) and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) can also be effectively managed with muscle relaxants.

  • Underarm sweating (axillary hyperhidrosis) – POA.
  • Hands/Feet sweating (palmar/plantar hyperhidrosis) – POA.

Volume & Contour

Volumising and contouring treatments can assist in restoring age-related facial volume loss and to improve facial contours, such as the jawline, chin and cheekbones. Non-surgical rejuvenation and profile enhancement are possible with strategic placement of these treatments.

Signature treatment by Dr Ricky includes full face global rejuvenation/enhancement using the concept of natural beauty and facial artistry. Commonly treated areas include lips, cheeks & jawline enhancement.

Dr Ricky also provides advanced treatments such as temple volumization, forehead recontouring and hand rejuvenation. When used skilfully, dermal fillers can be used to rejuvenate, feminise or masculinise features.

Bioregenerative Treatments

As we mature, our body’s collagen production decreases. The loss of these key structural components of smooth & healthy-looking skin causes noticeable ageing. These regenerative biostimulating treatments stimulate collagen, elastin and tissue proteins synthesis. This treatment is suitable for those who desire gentle volume replacement over time & improved skin quality.
Dr Ricky is one of the first few doctors in Brisbane to use bioregenative/biostimulatory treatments for neck/body treatments and first in non-surgical buttlift or hip dip augmentation.

Hybrid Skin Boosters

Skin hydrating booster treatments consist of a series of microinjections of water-loving substances, tissue nutrients and amino acids to promote hydration, improve skin quality, re-densify the skin and increase skin radiance. Treatment options include lip hydration, facial, neck, décolletage and hand rejuvenation.

Neograft® 2.0 Fue Hair Transplant & Restoration

Your Hair Loss Treatment in Queensland

NeoGraft® 2.0 is the named brand and latest version of this world-renowned hair restoration technology. Dr Ricky & Eleventh Heaven are proud to be the first in Queensland to offer you this innovation. NeoGraft® 2.0 is the leading technology in hair restoration that physicians and patients trust and ask for by name due to its ability to give a natural-looking result. The advancement of NeoGraft® 2.0 technology brings follicular unit extraction (FUE) method to the next level.

NeoGraft® 2.0 FUE v.s. non-NeoGraft Manual FUE

  • NeoGraft® 2.0 has double-jointed arm and enhanced ergonomics to ensure faster and more comfortable procedures for both patients and physician.
  • NeoGraft® 2.0 eliminates loss of fluid and protects grafts through vacuum seal during graft harvesting.
  • NeoGraft® 2.0 recipient site creation handpiece delivers more standardised implants and thereby increased accuracy.
  • NeoGraft® 2.0 allows for a quicker recovery and most importantly, no telltale sign of a hair transplant procedure.

Thread Lifts

Anchoring Threads

Nose Threads

Clear + Brilliant® Fractional Laser Resurfacing

This gentle laser skincare treatment is an affordable and fabulous anti-aging treatment. This can be added to your lifestyle routine to restore and maintain your youthful best. This fractional resurfacing laser creates millions of microscopic treatment zones, aiming to replace the damaged skin with healthier skin.
Clear + Brilliant® Laser Treatment is suitable for most skin types and is clinically proven to refresh skin tone, minimise pore size, reduce brown spots and improve skin textures. This radiance refresher has little or no social downtime and is perfect for those who need to look the best for social functions such as weddings. At Eleventh Heaven™, we have both the Original and Permea™ handpiece to provide tailored treatment plans.
Treatment Areas:

  • Full face
  • Neck & Décolletage
  • Hands & Arm

Healite II Photorejuvenation

This soothing, warm and relaxing Healite II Photo rejuvenation Treatment works by utilising light to treat your skin on a cellular level, promoting cell turnover. By using specific wavelengths (830nm & 415nm), a variety of treatment options are possible including skin rejuvenation, active acne treatment, reduce redness & rosacea, hair rejuvenation and quick wound healing by sending gentle energy deep into the skin tissue.

Skin Peels

Eleventh Heaven Dermamelan® and Depigmentation Programme

Dermamelan® and Cosmelan® Programme is a doctor-only treatment that provides an intensive corrective action on skin hyperpigmentations while regulating, inhibiting and controlling reappearance of new spots.

Dermamelan® is 30% stronger than cosmelan®. Our programme includes skin priming treatments, peel application, post-peel treatments and a take-home maintenance clinical skincare kit that should last approximately 3 months.

Cosmelan® is the worldwide benchmark depigmentation method that acts on skin spots in a visible and integral manner. This four-phase pigment corrective & regulatory treatment is adapted and modified specifically for Eleventh Heaven patients. Our programme includes skin priming treatments, peel application, post-peel treatments and a take-home maintenance clinical skincare kit that should last approximately 3 months.

Vita A Peel

This prescription strength retinoic acid peel can improve the overall skin condition to produce a healthy glow and complexion. Ideal for congested, pigmented or sun-damaged skin.

Platelet-Rich-Plasma Therapy (PRP)

PRP therapy is a natural-approach treatment to skin rejuvenation as this treatment uses the patient’s own biology. PRP contains concentrated growth factors and cytokines to stimulate skin rejuvenation and tissue healing. Using various protocols, PRP treatment can also be used for hair loss and when combined with other treatments offered, synergistic outcomes can be achieved for skin rejuvenation and conditions such as acne scarring. We recommend 3 treatments to achieve optimal outcomes.

Treatment options:

  • Full face rejuvenation
  • Neck & décolletage rejuvenation
  • Hair loss treatment
  • Post-acne scarring
  • Eye rejuvenation