Our Treatments

All prices are subject to change without notice.


Treatment investment is dosage dependent. A full face assessment and a customised quote will be provided to you after your consultation with Dr Ricky. All injectable treatments are performed by Dr Ricky.

Muscle relaxants


Commonly known as “anti-wrinkle injections”, it is commonly used to soften facial lines caused by repeated contractions of facial muscles. When skilfully injected, muscle relaxants can also enhance the facial profile by lifting the brows and slimming the jawline for instance.

Medical conditions such as bruxism (jaw clenching) and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) can also be effectively managed with muscle relaxants.

Minimum charge $60 per session.
Underarm sweating (axillary hyperhidrosis) - POA.

Dermal fillers


These injectable gels are made of water-loving substances that help the skin to retain moisture, replace and enhance facial volume. Non-surgical rejuvenation and profile enhancement are possible with strategic placement of dermal fillers.

Signature treatment by Dr Ricky using dermal fillers is full face global rejuvenation/enhancement using the concept of natural beauty and facial artistry. Commonly treated areas include lips, cheeks & jawline enhancement. Dr Ricky also provides advanced treatments such as temple volumisation, forehead recontouring and hand rejuvenation. When used skilfully, dermal fillers can be used to feminise and masculinise.

Collagen Biostimulators


As we mature, our body’s collagen production decreases. The loss of this key structural component of smooth & healthy-looking skin causes noticeable aging. These biostimulating injections stimulate collagen synthesis gradually and may restore a more youthful-looking appearance & healthy skin glow. This treatment is suitable for those who desire gentle volume replacement over time & improved skin quality.

Dr Ricky is one of the first few doctors in Brisbane to use collagen biostimulators for body treatments such as non-surgical buttock augmentation.

Double Chin/Fat Dissolvers


Dr Ricky is privileged to be one of the first few selected doctors in Queensland to be able to offer this treatment. This double-chin removing injection consists of an acid that is naturally occurring in the body. This acid breaks down the fat cells at the injection sites to provide a long-lasting improvement to double chin.

Injectable Moisturisers


Injectable moisturisers or skin boosting injections consist of a series of microinjections of water-loving substances that may help to retain moisture, improve skin quality and promote skin radiance. Treatment is recommended every 6 monthly.


* Due to Australian regulations, the disclosure of Schedule 4 (prescription-only medicine) pricing is restricted. For more information, please contact the clinic.

MINT® Threadlift

Minimally Invasive Nonsurgical Threads

MINT® stands for minimally invasive nonsurgical thread. These threads are made of polydioxanone (PDO) and are sterile & biodegradable. When positioned, MINT® PDO approximates soft tissues of sagging skin to a more desirable position, creating a more youthful, refreshed and well-rested appearance.

MINT® threads are bi-directional and its patented design of 360°, 3D helical barbs provide anchoring and tensile strength by fixing and supporting the skin tissue in all directions, resulting in an instant and natural lift*. PDO also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to create firmer skin. Unlike other types of threadlift, these threads are tied in place so that the positioning is secure.

Most cheeks will require 6-8 threads per side (total of 12-16 threads). More threads can be added during maintenance phase and the full procedure may not be required.

4 threads (minimum) - $2000

12 threads (standard) - $3400


Clear + Brilliant® Laser Resurfacing

This gentle laser skincare treatment is an affordable and fabulous anti-aging treatment. This can be added to your lifestyle routine to restore and maintain your youthful best. This fractional resurfacing laser creates millions of microscopic treatment zones, aiming to replace the damaged skin with healthier skin.

Clear + Brilliant® is suitable for most skin types and is clinically proven to refresh skin tone, minimise pore size, reduce brown spots and improve skin textures. This radiance refresher has little or no social downtime and is perfect for those who need to look the best for social functions such as weddings. At Eleventh Heaven™, we have both the Original and Permea™ handpiece to provide tailored treatment plans. Our Clear + Brilliant treatment concludes with in-clinic application of medical-grade Vitamin C serum to enhance your results.

Full face - $385

Neck & Décolletage - $385

Hands & Arm - $385




Our MediSpa treatments are tailored individually according to your skin concerns. At Eleventh Heaven, Dr Ricky handpicks a variety of medical-grade/physician-only skincare products to deliver scientifically proven active ingredients to your skin during your MediSpa journey. Please pamper and indulge yourself further after your MediSpa journey at our beautiful garden with herbal/floral tea – again, handpicked by Dr Ricky & Team Eleventh Heaven with love.

* Prepay for 3 MediSpa and receive 1 MediSpa complimentary.

The Eleventh Heaven Signature

$135 (50 min)

Let our expert dermal therapists customise this therapeutic facial according to your skin needs. The Eleventh Heaven Signature Facial will address issues such as skin congestion, lack of radiance, fine lines and loss of skin firmness using medical-grade skincare products. During the session, you are encouraged to drift to an ultimate level of relaxation whilst your skin is invigorated and rejuvenated. The Eleventh Heaven journey continues with an upper body and scalp massage to restore vitality and wellbeing to you mind and body.

For the Gentleman

$110 (40 min)

This power cleanse facial is designed for the busy gentlemen in mind and to remind them that they too require and also deserve some tender loving care to their face, mind and body. To commence the journey to ease your fatigue and tension, we recommend you to take a few relaxing, deep breaths while a warm towel aromatised with essential oil is used to soothe your tensed muscles. The voyage continues with deep cleansing, exfoliation, detoxifying steam, tailored mask treatment and facial massage.

Oasis in the Desert (Hydration)

$110 (40 min)

Sometimes the skin needs a little more moisture than you think. Let us guide your skin to the oasis with the science of deep-sea marine extracts in this medifacial. Not only hydrating, the anti-inflammatory properties and high antioxidant content of marine and plant extracts also offer anti-aging benefits when applied to the face, neck and décolletage. The tour to the oasis is concluded with a blissful pressure point massage.

Only Purity (Deep Cleansing)

$110 (40 min)

Purify and decongest your skin with the concentrated power of triple alpha-hydroxyl acid (AHA), which gently accelerates the exfoliation of dead skin cells. Following detoxifying steaming and exfoliation, the purifying ritual continues with the drawing out of pore-clogging impurities by the soothing herbs in our deep cleansing mask. This medifacial stimulates and renew your skin along with the free radical-fighting antioxidants that defend the skin from environmental stress.

Quick Stopover (Express)

$55 (20 min)

This medifacial is the perfect “pick-me-up” for those who are always on the run. Let us energise you with a power double-cleanse, detoxifying steam, manual exfoliation and a customised medical-grade face mask treatment. Let the warmth from our aromatised hot towel recharge you before you race with time again.


Prepay for 5 peels and receive 1 peel complimentary.

Obagi Radiance Peel

$195 (recommended)

This famous in-clinic only peel contains a proprietary blend of alpha-hydroxyl acids (AHA) and beta-hydroxyl acids (BHA) to target most skin concerns including brown spots, congested skin and uneven skin tone. Take-home Obagi Medical skincare products are recommended to maximise and maintain results.

Complete Pigment Peel


A breakthrough treatment designed specifically to target skin pigmentations and to leave the skin looking brighter and more vibrant. Vitamin C and Rumex Occidentalis have been clinically proven to dramatically improve the skin’s appearance.

Vita A Peel

$95 (recommended)

This prescription strength retinoic acid peel can improve the overall skin condition to produce a healthy glow and complexion. Ideal for congested, pigmented or sun-damaged skin.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

PRP therapy is a natural-approach treatment to skin rejuvenation as this treatment uses patient’s own biology. PRP contains concentrated growth factors and cytokines to stimulate skin rejuvenation and tissue healing. Using various protocols, PRP treatment can also be used for hair loss and when combined with other treatments offered, synergistic outcomes can be achieved for skin rejuvenation and conditions such as acne scarring. We recommend 3 treatments to achieve optimal outcomes.

Full face rejuvenation - $700

Neck & decolletage rejuvenation - $700

Hair loss treatment - $575

Post-acne scarring - $625

Eye rejuvenation - $550

Medical Skincare

Medical skincare differs from cosmetic skincare as medical skincare contains research-based active ingredients at appropriate concentrations and may induce changes in deeper skin layers for healthier skin complex.

Major brands available:

Obagi Medical ®