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Is there really a difference with Medical Grade Skin Care?

Are you ready to unlock the secret to radiant, youthful skin? Dive into a world of cutting-edge skincare with Eleventh Heaven’s exclusive selection of medical-grade products designed to revitalise your skin on a cellular level. 

Imagine stepping into a realm where science meets beauty, where potent active ingredients work tirelessly to address your unique skin concerns and reveal a refreshed, glowing complexion. 

With brands like Universkin and Obagi Medical at your fingertips, the possibilities for transforming your skin health are endless. In addition to these renowned brands, Eleventh Heaven also carries other clinical-grade skin care options like prescribed solutions; Biopelle and Aspect. Elevate your skincare routine with our expertly curated selection of medical-grade products at Eleventh Heaven.

What is Universkin?

Universkin, developed by doctors for doctors, allows for a personalised approach to skincare with 19 active ingredients to choose from. 

Your unique skin formula, tailored based on diagnostic assessments, is freshly prepared in the clinic using up to 3 pure and active ingredients in a serum base.

It is a unique, science-based and physician dispensed bespoke skincare, bridging skincare and functional dermatology.

It brings a medical logic in skincare:

  • skin medical analysis conducted by trained physicians
  • the choice of active ingredients
  • concentration
  • and application duration and then monitoring.

Your bespoke formula is structured around the 8 primary skin dysfunctions and target cells at the core to prevent and reverse the effects of inflammation.

Universkin cosmeceutical formula includes camelina oil, Vitamin E and biomimetic peptides. Its structure allows for the integration of up to 3 pure active ingredients adapted to your unique skin care needs. 

The selection of activities was conducted according to a strictly scientific method: meta-analysis of 5136 Medline publications from 1977 to 2017. These activities are pure molecules and are sourced from pharmaceutical suppliers rather than cosmetic suppliers. The objective is to reproduce the protocols and the results observed in the published studies.

The functional diagnosis of your skin, leads us to identify the active nutrient it requires. These pure active ingredients are selected on the basis of proven scientific evidence. We will then prepare your serum in front of you. Freshly prepared, tailored specifically for you, your skin receives exactly what it needs.

With 19 active ingredients available to choose from that act on the 8 main skin functions, your serum is guaranteed to be meticulously crafted to meet your skin’s unique needs.

Ready to upgrade your skincare routine? Book a consultation at Eleventh Heaven and with Dr Ricky Sia today!

What is Obagi?

Healthy skin is one of the keys to looking refreshed and younger. It also provides a good canvas to optimise and complement other rejuvenation treatments offered by the Eleventh Heaven.

Obagi Medical, the leading physician-dispensed brand in the U.S., requires a doctor’s prescription for access. These products are specifically formulated to combat premature ageing, skin damage, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage. Learn more about Obagi Medical here.

Obagi products can be purchased in-clinic or via our online boutique.

Are Medical Skin Care Treatments Worth It?

In conclusion, medical-grade skincare treatments in Brisbane offer a gateway to achieving radiant and youthful skin. 

Eleventh Heaven’s curated selection of cutting-edge products, including brands like Universkin and Obagi Medical, cater to individual skin concerns with potent active ingredients that work at a cellular level. 

By exploring the realm where science meets beauty, you can unlock the potential for a refreshed and glowing complexion. Embrace this opportunity to elevate your skincare routine and embark on a journey towards healthier, more luminous skin today!