Medical Grade Skincare

Transform your skin at the cellular level

Healthy skin is one of the keys to looking refreshed and younger. It also provides a good canvas to optimise and complement other rejuvenation treatments offered by the Eleventh Heaven.

Medical-grade skincare products contain stabilised active ingredients required to transform and correct skin concerns. Eleventh Heaven™ is proud to be able to offer you Universkin™ & Obagi Medical®.

Universkin™ is made by doctors for doctors. From 19 active ingredients to choose from, a "one-to-one" skin formula can be created using up to 3 pure & active ingredients in a base serum. Your skin formula will be customised and personalised based on your skin diagnostics & dispensed fresh in the clinic.

To learn more about Universkin™, please click here.

Obagi Medical® is the number one physician-dispensed brand in the U.S. and is only available via a doctor's prescription. Obagi products are designed to minimise the appearance of premature skin ageing, skin damage, hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

To learn more about Obagi Medical®, please click here.

We also stock other clinical grade skincare products such as PRESCRIBEDsolutions® - Biopelle and Aspect.


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